Transport Division


Transport & Fugitive Warrant Unit

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office Transport & Fugitive Warrant Unit is currently operated by one Sergeant and one deputy that reports to the Special Operations Major, This Unit process all warrants/transport orders and is responsible for securely and accurately maintaining all adult criminal bench warrants, adult probation warrants and court transport orders. When the Fugitive/Wanted person is apprehended or the Warrant is cleared by other methods, the Warrant is returned to the court clerk of its origin. All Extraditions, including court inmate moves and transportation arrangements are handled by this division. The Transport & Fugitive Warrant Unit is also responsible for the service/transport of mental emergency detention orders/patients.  (EDO)

 Warrant information on a person charged with an offense is placed in a nation-wide computer system known as the National Crime Information Center which is available to virtually every law enforcement agency across the country.

The Deputies assigned to this division did approximately 400 transports for 2020

Point of Contact for Indiana and out of state transports

Sgt. Matt Armstrong

Deputy Zechariah Daniel