Courthouse Security



The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office Courthouse Security Division falls under the direction of Special Operations and is responsible for the safety of elected officials, employees, and visitors to the courthouse and three other county buildings located in downtown Madison.

The deputy sheriffs assigned to the courthouse investigate complaints, maintain order, screen visitors, and provide police services to the public.  Deputies apprehend law violators by serving warrants and making arrests at sentencing.  They investigate and document incidents that occur on county property and frequently act as liaison officers for the sheriff’s office with the public and employees.  Deputies also guard inmates who are transported to the courthouse for hearings.

Security Check

All patrons of the Court House WILL BE REQUIRED to go through the security check. 

Prohibited items include but are not limited to: 

  • Guns
  • Knives
  • OC Spray
  • Scissors

Deputies DOES NOT provide a place to hold prohibited items; they are to be secured in vehicles or left at home.  All items that are hidden on grounds will be confiscated and destroyed.

Cell Phones

Cell phones are permitted in the Court House; however, they are NOT permitted in the court rooms. While the best place to keep your phone is in your personal vehicle, we understand that some citizens walk or are dropped off. Cell phone lockers are available upon request at the security desk. 

To view a copy of the Judges order prohibiting cell phones and electronic devices in the court rooms, click here