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Circuit Court

  1. Juror Confidential Data Form

    Please fill out this form first. Both forms are required to be submitted. Thank you.

  1. Juror Qualification, Exemption and Deferral Form

    Please fill out this form second.


  1. Genealogy Request

    The Clerk’s archives consist of documents that were filed though the Clerk’s office or the Court. We have Will Records, Marriage... More…

County Commissioners

  1. Agenda Request Form
  2. Report a Concern/ General Inquiry
  1. County Resident Outreach- Green/Red Window Sheets

    Neighbors helping neighbors! The window sheets can be used by those people that are elderly, disabled, have compromised immune systems... More…

Health Department

  1. Environmental Health Complaint Form

    Use this form for any environmental or public health complaints for Jefferson County Indiana

Sheriff's Office

  1. Submit a Crime Tip

    Keep your community and schools safe. Use this form to report suspicious or illegal activity.

  2. Vacation & Security Check
  1. Traffic Enforcement Request