Mobile Home Title Permits & Moving Permits

All taxes, penalties, interest, judgments* on the mobile home must be paid in full for the full year, before a tax clearance permit will be issued.

Identification Number

Applicant must supply the mobile home title before a permit can be completed.


Each year, taxpayers are sent a demand letter for payment of the delinquent business personal property and mobile home taxes and penalties for the prior year. Taxpayers are given 60 days to make payment after which time the treasurer certifies all delinquent and unpaid personal property taxes to the Clerk of Jefferson County at which time they are considered a judgment against the taxpayer.

Judgments prior to year 2014 are payable to American Financial Credit Services (AFCS) to collect the certified balances, interest and collection fees. Please direct inquiries regarding these collections to AFCS at 888-317-2327.


*Judgments for the year 2014 and thereafter are payable to the Jefferson County Treasurer.

Mobile Home Permit

Please fill out the Mobile Home Permit if you are transferring ownership or relocating your mobile home. A mobile home may not be moved from one location to another or transferred unless the owner obtains the signed permit from the Treasurer.