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The Surveyor's Office:

  • Oversees all section corners throughout the county
  • Maintains an archive of all recorded surveys
  • Maintains an archive of all legal surveys

Responsibilities to the Public

The obligation of the Surveyor's Office to the people of this county is addressed in Indiana Code, Title 36, Article 2, Chapter 12, Sections 1-15 (IC 36-2-12). View Indiana Code IC 36-2-12.The County Surveyor's Office does not conduct individual private land surveys. The following is an outline of the responsibilities centered around and within our office

Duties of the Surveyor’s Office

The surveyor is responsible for maintaining the cornerstones in the county.

Every deed, parcel, and legal land document in the State of Indiana is tied into the original survey performed in the early years of settlement. Section corner stones were set to mark each square mile of the State. In order to prevent gaps and overlaps of land ownership it is of the upmost importance that these markers are maintained.

The County Surveyor is tasked with the job of: 

  • Finding section corner stones, (by digging in roadways, yards and fields) 
  • Referencing them by measurements to nearby structures, (such as utility poles, fence posts and buildings) 
  • Marking the location of the section corner at the surface (of the ground, roadways, etc.)