Home Detention

Target Population

Adult males and females who have been convicted of Misdemeanors or Felonies. 

Individuals convicted of a Felony may be placed on home detention by statue IC 35-38-2.6-1 to serve a non-suspendable portion of a non-suspendable sentence if they qualify as a direct placement. The Judge may order a person placed on Home Detention as part of a court order.

All participants placed on home detention will be on electronic monitoring for the set number of days ordered by the Court. 

Case Planning

Participants will be assessed to determined risks/needs, and a case plan will be developed targeting criminogenic needs. 

The case plan consists of Addressing: 

  • Anti-social attitudes, beliefs, behaviors, and personalities
  • Peer issues
  • Employment needs
  • Family issues
  • Leisure activities
  • Programming needs.
  • Neighborhood issues
  • Substance abuse issues

The Case Manager will monitor the participant’s progress toward the case plan and supervise the participant’s whereabouts.

Programs and Services

The Court Services - Programs and Services Page details the array of services available.