What is Probation?

A sentence of Probation, affords you an opportunity to remain in the community with specific conditions instead of being sentenced to jail or the Department of Correction. Being on probation allows you to work and be with your family and friends. A probation officer will be assigned to assist and monitor you during your time on probation.

Probation is also an opportunity for you to make positive changes in your life. Your conditions of probation are designed to help you address problems that are known to contribute to criminal behavior. Your probation officer can be very helpful by referring you to resources, answering questions, and guiding you in meeting the conditions of your probation.  If you comply with the Court’s orders and the probation officer’s instructions you will complete your probation successfully. However, if you violate the conditions or fail to follow your probation officer’s instructions, your probation will/may be violated and a judge may sentence you to jail.

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1. What is Probation?
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