Why can't the judge or court staff or clerks help me with my case?

The judge is not a lawyer for either side. A judge is never permitted to give you legal advice about how to proceed with your case or tell you what you should or should not do. The court staff and clerks are not lawyers and so cannot give you legal advice. They also are not permitted to give you any help or advice about how best to handle your case.

If you need legal advice, you should contact an attorney of your choosing to obtain advice and instructions about what law applies to your case. The lawyer can tell you what the law allows and does not allow; can advise you about rules of procedure and rules of evidence. The judge, and court staff and clerks can never do this.

You must correctly complete all paperwork and forms. You must file your paperwork properly and on time. You must always give the other side a copy of any and all paperwork or forms you file with the court. While the court staff and clerks can show you where you can find forms you might find helpful in presenting or defending your case, they can never tell you what words to say or write on the forms.

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