We are pleased to offer a foster program and a foster-to-adopt program for our animals! 

Because some pets are not accustomed to living at home, they might not know how to behave in this environment. When this happens, many pets keep going in and out of shelter homes as people don’t know how to manage pets without training.

Fostering pets is a win-win situation that benefits everyone involved. It helps local shelters reduce overcrowding while allowing the pets to live in a real home while they wait for adoption. 

Some animals do not flourish in a shelter environment and a foster home can give them a chance to be prepared for adoption. In a foster home, animals feel the love and support of their foster pet parents and can overcome fears, recover from trauma, and fully express their personalities – all critical factors in increasing adoption rates.

Fostering increases a pet’s chance of getting adopted, improves a pet’s social skills, and saves lives! 

Interested in fostering a pet?  Fill out our Foster Application here!

Dog Day Out Program

We are excited to announce our new Dog Day Out Program! This program is new to our Animal Shelter and has resulted in many adoptions! 

Our Process

We require a valid drivers license or ID. All information must be correct on the ID. 

We require a meet and greet for you to come in and meet our canines. You will also be asked a series of questions on our Dog Day Out Application. 

We can help you pick the perfect pooch for your outing! 

We also provide any supplies that you might need for your adventure!

After your meet and greet and application has been submitted, we will work together to schedule your Dog Day Out.  Our Dog Day Out program is available Monday through Saturday. All canines must be returned by 5:00pm.

Click Here to View Our Dog Day Out Program