Spring Fish Sales

Redear Sunfish

Redear Sunfish live on a diet that consists mainly of snails, worms, and insects. They will spawn once a year.


Bluegills spawn 3 times a year. Therefore, the offspring from the bluegill serve as a forge for predator fish of the pond. We recommend a ratio of 2 bluegill to every 1 bass in order to sufficiently support the nutritional needs of predator fish, unless the pond owner is regularly adding bait fish for the predators.

Hybrid Bluegill

Hybrid Bluegill is the product of a female sunfish and a male bluegill. Hybrids get larger and are more aggressive than a bluegill. Hybrids rarely reproduce due to their hybridization and the fact that most are males.

Channel Catfish

Channel Catfish are a scavenger fish and they will eat anything from live fish, to crayfish and commercial fish food. They will rarely reproduce in small ponds, unless provided with the appropriate structures.

Black Crappie

Black Crappie is a predator fish. They need live fish to feed on. Crappie are not known to do exceptionally well in ponds less than 5 acres due to competition for live forge. If you plan on introducing crappie into your pond, you should also
introduce additional bluegill to the pond to support the nutritional needs of the crappie. Crappie will spawn once a year.

Fathead Minnows

Fathead minnows are introduced into a pond as a forge fish for larger, predator fish. They rarely get larger than 3 inches and will reproduce every 3 weeks.

Triploid Grass Carp

Triploid Grass Carp are introduced into a pond to control or eliminate vegetation growth. The diet of a triploid grass carp is strictly vegetation. Under Indiana State law, any triploid grass carp in the
state must be sterile. Therefore, these fish will not reproduce.

Recommendations (fish/acre)

Bluegill: 400

Crappie: 100

Catfish: 100-200

Triploid Grass Carp: 12-18

Hybrid Bluegill: 100-200

Fathead Minnows: at least 5lbs/100 bass

(Customized recommendations can be given according to the needs of a personal pond.)

To view prices for fish or to place an order:

Contact Kim Jolly at the Ripley County Soil & Water Office, 812-689-6410