Building Permits & Inspection

Improvement / Building Permits are required for most improvements or construction. Permits are also required for demolition of existing structures although we do not charge a fee for demolition permits. For building permit instructions, building codes and our fee schedule, click here


In order to issue you an Improvement/Building Permit, we will need some or all of the following:

  • Contact information for the Builder/General Contractor if you are utilizing one.
  • Electrical Plan showing service entry (min 200 amp), panel location, and licensed electrical contractor.
  • Elevation Plan showing eaves and roof peak elevations above grade.
  • Estimated cost and planned usage of the improvement/construction.
  • Floor layout with dimensions for all rooms, doors and windows.
  • Door and window sizes specifying with tempered glass or not.
  • HVAC Plan and licensed contractor.
  • Payment in the form of cash or a check. We cannot accept debit or credit cards.
  • Plumbing Plan and licensed contractor.
  • Septic Permit or Approval Letter from the Jefferson County Health Department for any project involving plumbing that is not connected to a municipal sewer system.
  • Site Plan showing property lines, required setbacks and improvement/construction location(s).

For additional information refer to our printable building permit instructions packet

New Construction

New construction, including additions to existing construction must meet our current setback requirements. Most of the parcels in our jurisdiction are zoned as Agricultural and have the following minimum setback requirements:

  • Front: 90 feet from the center of the road
  • Side: 25 feet from the side property lines
  • Back: 35 feet from the back property line
  • Structure to Structure: 5 feet measured from the outermost part of the structures (typically the eaves).

Please see our Zoning Maps and Zoning Ordinance for the setback requirements for other zoning districts.

Indiana Residential Code

Jefferson County has adopted the Indiana Residential Code 2005 Edition (675 IAC 14-4.3); view Indiana Residential Code.

The Indiana Residential Code 2005 Edition in turn adopts and amends the International Residential Code (IRC) 2003 Edition. The IRC is owned by the International Code Council and is protected by copyright laws and cannot viewed online or copied. You can view our copy of the 2003 IRC in our office, but we cannot allow you to borrow it or make copies of it. You can purchase your own copy from the ICC.

As the 2003 IRC has been out and superseded by newer versions for some time, used copies are frequently available at online auction sites for much lower prices than a new copy from the ICC.