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Emergency 911

Call when it counts.

call/text 911

Non-Emergency Contact Information

Call Central Dispatch for non-emergency dispatch of police or fire:

  • Jefferson County Central Dispatch Center
    • Phone: 812-265-2648 or 812-265-3347
  • King’s Daughters’ Hospital EMS Dispatch Center
    • Phone: 812-801-0100
Jefferson County, Indiana Police, Fire, EMS, 911 Communications

Reports & Permits

To obtain crash reports, case reports or gun permits call the administration main office numbers directly as shown below

  • Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department - Administration / Reports
    • Phone: 812-265-6089 
  • Madison Police Department - Administration / Reports
    • Phone: 812-265-3348 
  • Hanover Police Department - Administration
    • Phone: 812-866-2131 
  • Hanover College Security
    • Phone: 812-866-7999 
  • Jefferson County Jail
    • Phone: 812-265-2649

Emergency Calls

Call 911 if there is a threat of loss of life or property. An emergency is any situation that requires the immediate assistance of emergency medical services, the police department or the fire department. 

Call Emergency 911 to:

  • Report a fire
  • Save a life
  • Stop a crime

Non-Emergency Calls

Call the non-emergency numbers listed above for any other situation. Non-emergency calls may include reports of:

  • Abandoned Vehicles
  • Crimes that are not in progress
  • Dead Animals
  • Follow Up Calls
  • Illegal Parking
  • Loud Music or Party Complaints
  • Vehicle Crashes that do not involve injuries

If there is any doubt, call 911.