Food Service

What We Do

The Food Service Safety Division is responsible for ensuring compliance with Indiana Retail Food Establishment Sanitation Requirements Title 410 IAC 7-24 and Jefferson County Food Ordinance Number 1-2016 (PDF) in all Jefferson County Food Service Establishments. The Food Service Safety Division at the Jefferson County Health Department inspects restaurants, grocery and convenience stores, seasonal food service establishments, mobile food service vendors, schools, bed and breakfast establishments, and temporary food establishments. The Jefferson County Health Department issues approximately 180 retail permits a year and over 200 temporary permits a year.


Retail food establishments in Jefferson County are inspected two to four times a year at a minimum. Schools are inspected twice a year. Temporary food establishments are inspected prior to operation. Establishments who fail to comply with Retail Food Establishment Sanitation Requirements may be assessed penalty fees ranging from $0 to $1,000 


It is unlawful for a person to operate any Bed and Breakfast Establishment, Retail Food Establishment, and/or Temporary Food Establishment in Jefferson County without first obtaining a valid Permit from the Health Officer. Permits can be obtained by filling out and submitting an application to the Jefferson County Health Department prior to operation. The valid Permit must be posted in a conspicuous location in the establishment. Permits are not transferable.

Remodeling / Building Food Service Establishments

If you are remodeling a food service establishment or building a new food service establishment in Jefferson County there are State and Local Regulations that may affect the facility design and/or construction. Before construction or remodeling may begin on any facility, a plan review must be completed by this office. Plan review applications are available at the link listed below. Plans should be prepared by an architect and should include a list of equipment and model numbers, technical specifications, and quantities. Plans must be submitted for approval to the Jefferson County Health Department, and your local City Building Inspector and/or Fire Chief prior to the start of construction or the remodel. Some plans may be required to be submitted to the Indiana Department of Homeland Security Division of Fire and Building Safety Plan Review Branch for Construction Design Release. Please be advised that some forms and permits will require a fee to be processed.

Suspicion of Food Borne Illness

If you suspect that you, or someone you know may have a food borne illness please contact your local physician immediately. The only way to diagnose a food borne illness is through medical testing. Follow up with your local health department afterwards.

Concerns or Complaints

If you have a concern or complaint about any food service establishment in Jefferson County, call 812-273-1942.