Buckle-Up Bug

Indiana Buckle-Up Bug Club

The Indiana Buckle-Up Bug Club is designed for students grades K to 3, but appeals to children of all ages. The Club is available statewide and is aimed at increasing seat belt use among children. Enrollment in the club requires members to wear their own seat belt on every trip and bestows the right to "bug" everyone in their family vehicle to buckle up. It is a great way to encourage the development of the lifesaving habit of always buckling up.


The Buckle-Up Bug Club of Jefferson County travels to all Jefferson County Elementary schools each year to teach safety and to Buckle-Up. We target the Kindergarten students in each school and have a short lesson, a game, and goodies. We also have a costumed character that is involved with the learning experience and children learn about Buckling-Up and remember the Big Bug.