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The surveyor is responsible for maintaining the cornerstones in the county.

Every deed, parcel, and legal land document in the State of Indiana is tied into the original survey performed in the early years of settlement. Section corner stones were set to mark each square mile of the State. In order to prevent gaps and overlaps of land ownership it is of the upmost importance that these markers are maintained.

The County Surveyor is tasked with the job of finding section corner stones, (by digging in roadways, yards and fields) referencing them by measurements to nearby structures, (such as utility poles, fence posts and buildings) and marking the location of the section corner at the surface (of the ground, roadways, etc.).

In each county there is a Section Corner Perpetuation Fund that consists of money collected by the County Recorder when deeds are recorded.

The County Surveyor must maintain a corner record book showing original government section corners, and is required to establish, locate, and reference at least 5% of the corners each year.

The County Surveyor’s office has copies of recorded surveys, maps, topos, aerials and other information dealing with land use in the County. The County has GIS maps with information pertaining to parcels of land in Jefferson County, including floodplain and zoning information for properties in the Jefferson County Zoning jurisdiction. Benchmark records are also in the surveyor’s office.

The Surveyor maintains a Legal Survey Record Book for all “legal surveys” within the county. These surveys, prepared by a licensed surveyor resolve property disputes.

The Jefferson County Surveyor is Director of the Jefferson County, Indiana, Plan Commission and the Jefferson County, Indiana, Board of Zoning Appeals. The Plan Commission over sees and approves new plats of subdivisions in the county (outside of the City of Madison’s and Town of Hanover’ s zoning jurisdictions). The Plan Commission acts in an advisory capacity to the Jefferson County, Indiana, Board of Commissioners and sends recommendations to the Board of Commissioners on proposed new laws regarding zoning and subdivision regulations. The Board of Zoning Appeals holds hearings to consider and make decisions on appeals to the Jefferson County Zoning Ordinance.

The Surveyor’s Office also houses the Planning and Zoning for the County. The office staff writes building permits and approves surveys in the County Zoning. The office provides zoning enforcement for the county through its Zoning Enforcement Officer. The Secretary serves as secretary to the Surveyor and to the Jefferson County, Indiana, Board of Zoning Appeals and the Jefferson County, Indiana, Plan Commission. She handles preparation of the appeals for the Zoning Board of Appeals and any applications or items to go before the Plan Commission.

The Indiana Alcoholic Beverage Commission requires a state form to be signed by the Surveyor to verify the Business Location for ABC permits.


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